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Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów
i Kanalizacji Sp. z o.o
ul. Pod Lasem 62, Rybnik
Biuro Obsługi Klienta
32 43 28 000

About the Company

Organisational and legal form

Form of conduct
The Water and Sewage Limited Liability Company (Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością) acts on the basis of:

1. The Water and Waste Management Act of 7 June 2001 (Journal of Law 06.123.858 with future amendments)

2. The decision of the Mayor of Rybnik No. GK: 0153/13/02 as of 18 December 2002 concerning permission for collective water and sewage management.

3. Regulations on water supply and sewage management approved by the Council of the Town of Rybnik on 28 December 2005 (Resolution No. 655/XLI/2005).

4. The decision of the Head of Gaszowice Commune No. 1 as of 9 January 2003
concerning permission for collective water supply.

5. Regulations on water supply and sewage management approved by the Council of the Gaszowice Commune on 25 January 2006 (Resolution No. L/316/2006).

6. Decision of the Head of Jejkowice Commune as of 10 January 2003
concerning permission for the collective supply of water.

7. Regulations on water supply and sewage management approved by the Council of the Jejkowice Commune as of 15 February 2006 (Resolution No. XXXVI/181/06).

8. Commercial Companies Code Act as of 15 September 2000 (Journal of Law 00.94.1037 with future amendments).

9. Company Deed as of 02.12.99 with future amendments.

Company governing bodies
1. The Management Board

The Management Board consists of two members: the President and the Vice President.

It is the duty of the Management Board to run the Company and represent it, as well as to perform its duties with due professional care, act in accordance with legal regulations, the Company Deed, the Company regulations and resolutions of the General Assembly of the Shareholders and the Supervisory Board.

Representation and signature on behalf of the Company require the joint action of the two Management Board members or one Management Board member and a proxy.

Janusz Karwot – President of the Management Board
Krzysztof Burda – Vice President of the Management Board
Stefania Markowicz – Proxy
Mariusz Schwan - Proxy
Wojciech Chmielewski - Proxy
2. The Supervisory Board

Łucja Pierchała – Chairwoman
Anna Starnawska – Vice Chairman
Krzysztof Popiela – Member
Dariusz Skaba – Member
Karolina Wacławiec – Member
The duties of the Supervisory Board concern the constant supervision of the Company’s activities in all areas of its business activity, in particular:
1. Auditing the Company’s financial statements,
2. Auditing business reports of the Management Board as well as examining the Management Board’s motions concerning distribution of profit or coverage of losses, 
3. Submitting annual written reports on issues mentioned in Clauses 1 and 2 to the General Assembly of Shareholders, as well as on supervision over Company activity carried out by the Supervisory Board, and on execution of resolutions approved by the General Assembly of Shareholders,
4. Submitting proposals during the General Assembly of Shareholders concerning approval of the fulfilment of duties by the Management Board members, 
5. Appointing, dismissing and suspending members of the Management Board, as well as defining their areas of responsibility,
6. Defining rules of remuneration for Management Board members, conclusion of employment contracts, as well as carrying out other actions related to employment with regard to Management Board members,
7. Approving principles for the organisational structure of the Company and remuneration rules for Company employees,
8. Approving entities authorized to audit financial statement of the Company,
9. Giving approval for Management Board members to undertake actions (professional activities) that may be competitive towards the Company,
10. Evaluating the strategic plan.

3. The General Assembly of the Shareholders

Below is a list of competencies of the General Assembly of the Shareholders:
1. The examination and approval of reports of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board, financial statements for the previous year and approval of the fulfilment of duties by the members of the Company authorities, 
2. Approving policy directions in business activity and Company strategy,
3. The distribution of profit and definition of methods of loss coverage,
4. Changes of the Company Deed,
5. Mergers or the dissolution of the Company,
6. The increase or decrease of share capital,
7. The disposal, lease, handing over for the management of the Company’s undertaking or an organized part of it, as well as establishing limited property right thereof,
8 . The remission of shares,
9. Undertaking decisions concerning contributions or their return,
10. The appointment, dismissal or suspension of Supervisory Board members, defining the rules of their remuneration in lieu of participation in official meetings and other activities, as well as passing Supervisory Board Regulations,
11. Undertaking decisions concerning further functioning of the Company in case of losses exceeding the reserve capital or half of the share capital,
12. Undertaking decisions concerning compensation claims in lieu of damages arising during establishment of the Company or during Company management or supervision,
13. The definition of the monthly remuneration for the President of the Management Board,
14. Establishing target funds,
15. Undertaking decisions concerning purchase or sale of real estate or share in real estate,
16. Negotiating election rules for the employees’ representatives in the Supervisory Board,
17. Other issues, which require resolution of the General Assembly of the Shareholders, listed in the Company Deed or in the Code of Commercial Companies.